Class Schedule

In addition to consulting, Northshore Networks students are required to participate in classes to provide them with greater academic support.  These small groups will match students with teachers to provide authentic cooperative learning opportunities. 

We offer a wide variety of subjects for students. Classes are only available to students working with a Northshore Networks consultant.  Parents, students and consulting teachers will decide which classes best fit the student's learning plan.

To register for a class, please contact the teacher of the class. Office staff will direct parents and students to the appropriate teacher, who will register students in the class.   If waiting lists are necessary, students on a class teacher’s own consulting list will be given priority.  All credit will be given through the consulting teacher.


2020-2021 NN Class Schedule

The 2020-2021 Northshore Networks Class Schedule

The 2020-2021 Class Schedule for Northshore Networks as set on Sept. 9, 2020.